Friday, September 24, 2010

Directions to Chic Chateau 2010

Chic Chateau 2010 Address:

3702 Stratton Hills Drive

Greensboro, NC 27410

Stratton Hills Drive is a new street and probably will not show up on most GPS systems. The following information can be helpful if you plan to use your GPS: Plug in "DUCK CLUB ROAD, Greensboro, 27410" as this is what the street used to be known prior to the new development there.
  • Stratton Hills Drive: located in Northwest Greensboro just off New Garden Road. It's a community street that runs parallel between Battleground Avenue and Brassfield Road.

  • City regulations have strict mandates as to where signage can be placed in relationship to intersections and sidewalks.... a fact that prevents us from posting signs closer than 20 feet of an intersection. While this may, or may not be understandable, it complicates our efforts to clearly mark the street.....even with balloons! We apologize profusely for any difficulty you might encounter in locating this year's Chic house!

Nearby landmarks include:

***** Imperial Koi and the new location for Pie Works are both restaurants that are located on New Garden DIRECTLY across the street from Stratton Hills Drive. (By the way...both of these are great places for lunch or dinner after a Chic visit!)

***** Fellowship Presbyterian Church is also across the street from Stratton Hills Drive

***** The street runs beside the plaza containing Triad Sign Guys (located at 2002 New Garden Road, Greensboro, 27410)

***** Sign on New Garden Road near the street entrance include one for the Southern Gates Community.

We had an awesome first day! Come see us today....Saturday.... as it's 99.5 WMAG remote day!

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