Friday, September 10, 2010

Some of the things you'll see at the 2010 Chic Chateau!

You'll have to visit Chic Chateau to see what these great finds look like now! Vintage things take on great new looks and life! And you'll find these refurbished items at great prices at Chic Chateau!


The befores....

An awesome small bench has been stripped of it's layers of paint and stained ...has a new thicker upholstered velvet cushion!

This wonderful cane wing back has had the wood finish refurbished and now sports new updated uphostery! You'll have to visit Chic to see what it looks like now!

..... And you'd never know that this "ready for the junk pile" 1920's vintage table could take on such a great new look with a lot of "TLC"! It's been stripped of it stain and updated with a faux finish! Visit Chic Chateau to see it's new look! It's an awesome transformation!

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