Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where is Chic Chateau 2011????

Thanks for visiting Chic Chateau’s Blog!

We’ve gotten so many requests for the next event that we need to let you know that Chic won’t happen this year but we are already in the planning stages for Chic 2012! While the details are very much in the works we can tell you this:

Tentative dates are September 21-23 & 28-30 2012!

To be held in the same neighborhood: The Gates at Brassfield Station

We’re making it bigger and better! We are pairing up with Habitat for Humanity and The Greensboro Builder’s Association in an effort to broaden our volunteer base. As we’re sure that you can imagine it takes large numbers of people to put together an effort like this!

Perhaps the most exciting news is that we are considering the idea having TWO Chic Chateau houses in the same neighborhood..

We know you love Chic and so do we! Stay tuned for further news as the plans progress and thanks for supporting Chic Chateau©